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The Design Process:

What to expect.

After doing this many many times...
We've come up with a general outline to share with you.
"What to expect from Lambo Studios" :)



Via email or telephone is great. Whatever you're comfortable with!  We're easy to talk to, and it seems we can get a more solid & detailed vision for your project in 1 or 2 phone calls - compared to 5-10 emails.  (That's just human-interaction for you, though.)  We do however understand that even a few minutes free to be creative on the phone is not easy to come by sometimes. Email will definitely work as our main method of communication as long as both parties are clear and concise when describing ideas. At this time, we will provide to you a free  quote on the estimated cost of completing your project.  If you decide you would like to move forward after considering the budget of your project, we will send you an initial invoice/agreement to get everything moving!  At this time, we may also give you an estimated "Time of Completion" for your project and get you  on the books. 



Once payment has been received, or confirmed that it is in transit, we are free to begin on your project.



We will send you rough drafts and occasional questions along the process to make sure our energy is spent moving in the right direction.  If the first drafts are not what you had in mind, please DO NOT worry, it is all part of the process. We WILL get there!



If both parties did a great job communicating during the concept and design process, this part will go very fast!  Lambo Studios agrees to make refinements/adjustments to your semi-final designs. This is hard to put an exact number on the amount of times we will revise your project. We strive to include this part FREE of charge... but if at this point, yourself, or supervisors above you choose to go a completely different route with the design concept, hourly fees will be discussed & applied on top of your original quote, and a new invoice will be sent to you reflecting the change.



Upon payment (available to complete online by visiting the "Pay Your Bill" tab above) We will release all master logo & design files to you to use however you'd like. There are no printing or legal restrictions to what you can do with your newly produced branding or print piece.



Tell your friends and others in your career field that you're happy with the service and quality of Lambo Studios. (Please do not reveal the prices you were quoted for your project, because maybe you're just so awesome, we gave you a special deal that we can't afford to do for everybody :) If word of mouth just does not express enough how happy you are...You may also link to our website at:

Thank you for your consideration!

God Bless,

Vance Lambert

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